These days drugs have become a major issue, especially when it comes to passing a drug test pertaining to employment. Most people are therefore interested in finding out where they can get a cheap drug test done quickly. This is equally true of parents of teenage children who would also quickly want to find out if their suspicions that their children are doing drugs are ill-founded or true.

There are quite a few products in the market that cater to this demand. For example there are cheap hand held testing device that tests saliva for cocaine, cannabis and other narcotic substances. Alternatively you can try using the cheap drug test cups which are in effect a one step test that tests human urine for 5 types of drugs-PCP, AMP, OPI, COC and THC. Its methodology is quite simple. It comes with a built in temperature strip that just needs to be peeled and read.
For a more comprehensive and yet relatively cheap drug test you could opt for the 11 panel drug screen test. You can have results in as little time as 10 minutes. It works great with parents who are concerned that their children may have picked up a drug habit that they are hiding from them.
Yet again there is the 12 panel dip strip that lets you test over a period of two years as long as you take care to keep the kit in room temperature. This is ideal for use in schools, offices and homes. This is quite a handy kit in that its twelve panels allow a urine sample to be tested for 12 substances at the same time. So you don’t need to collect samples again and again. This makes it very economical when compared with home kits that test for just one drug.
The internet has loads of information about cheap drug tests. But one should ensure that one only buys equipment that is of the right quality and capable of giving accurate results. The quality is important from the safety angle as well because some of these kits contain drops of acid. You should read the instructions which these kits carry to ensure effective testing and safety. Over all these kits are really easy to use and do not require any formal training on the part of the user.
Cheap drug test kits can really be divided into three categories-Drug Test Strips, Drug Test Cassettes and Multiple Drug Test panels. The first category comprises of Opiate Test Strips, Amphetamine Test Strips, Cocaine Test Strips, Marijuana (THC) Test Strips and Methamphetamine Test Strips. The second category includes Cocaine Test Cassettes, Amphetamine Test Cassettes, Marijuana (THC) Test Cassettes, Methamphetamine Test Cassettes and Opiate Test Cassettes. The last category is self explanatory. Depending upon your specific requirement you can go ahead and choose the right one.