A cocaine urine drug test is a popular way of testing for presence of the substance (cocaine) in the human body. It is relatively cheap and is useful in detecting both recent (up to 7 days) and long term usage. You can even carry out these tests at home, though they will need to be validated at a lab. A level of concentration that is higher than 300ng/ml will be considered as your having failed the cocaine urine drug test.

People who have to undergo this test, often worry about whether they will have a clean result. For such people there is a product available in the market which is quite effective. This is the Supreme Klean Total Body Cleanser. This is a permanent cleanser and not a mere masking agent, and effectively purges the body of cocaine, enabling you to pass a cocaine urine drug test.

One of the popular ways of conducting a cocaine urine drug test is by using the Cocaine Dip Strip Urine Drug test, which is a highly effective single step method that detects COC and benzoylecgonine in the shape of metabolites in the body. A cocaine drug test cassette can also be used for very quick results. If you have a cocaine urine drug test coming up and you still have some time you can combine a low fat and carbohydrate diet with exercise to get rid of the cocaine from your body if you are of average weight. For people who are heavy users the cleansing might take up to 10 days.

If you don’t have the time to naturally detoxify your urine you could take recourse to urine detox pills and urine detox drinks which will flush your urine clean and provide you with a window to carry out the tests in up to 4 hours. If one were to prescribe the imperatives that you have to follow when faced with a urine test, these would be as described below. Firstly you should stop doing drugs. Secondly you should abjure alcohol as well and eat healthy food apart from getting sufficient exercise. Lastly you should drink plenty of water and use detox products if you think it is necessary. It would also be a good idea for testing yourself using a home testing kit before submitting yourself to the mandated test.

So for you to be confident of passing a urine test for presence of cocaine you could try a strategy that combines abstinence (not doing drugs) with flushing(drinking plenty of fluids), and if you are still a little unsure, using commercially available products that help you detox effectively is a good idea. This pretty much covers what this test entails and the best way of coming up with a clean result.