There are a lot of common misconceptions about how a cocaine urine drug test actually works. One of the most common questions is “How long will it take for cocaine to clean out of my urine?”. There isn’t really a straightforward answer to this question. Cocaine is actually metabolized too quickly in your system for it to be tested for. The half life of cocaine is rather short, which makes it difficult to be tested for.

When you take a cocaine urine drug test, the drug test is actually looking for the presence of benzoylecgonine, a metabolite of cocaine. There are a lot of factors involved in how long this metabolite will stay in your system, including your height, weight, and how often you have abused cocaine. If your urine tests for even 300 nanograms of benzoylecgonine, then it is considered positive for the presence of cocaine.

For an average sized man or woman, it will take 3-5 days for benzoylecgonine to be cleared from the urine. However, if you are a high dose user, then it can remain in your urine for up to 8 days after the last time you used. Other medical studies have suggested that the presence of cocaine can stay in the urine for up to 14 days after the last use. With such uncertain information, it can be difficult for you to know if you will be able to confidently pass a cocaine urine drug test.

So how do you go about passing a cocaine urine drug test? Many people start off by drinking serious amounts of water to dilute their urine. This can be an effective method of removing toxins from your bloodstream, but it is not a guaranteed method of getting the results you are looking for. Additionally, the time of day you are drug tested can also affect the presence of cocaine metabolites in your urine. For example, your first urine of the day tends to be the “dirtiest”.

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