The need for products for clean urine is increasing by the day on account of the rising incidence of drug tests. That being said before one turns to products for clean urine, one should realise there are natural ways of making your urine clean. The first and foremost thing that you can do is drink loads and loads of water. This is able to flush out the toxins from your body. Needless to say that you should at the same time stop doing drugs or the steps that you will take will be in vain.
You can take the help of diuretics to increase the flow of urine. Taking Midol is known to help as is cranberry juice. You should also take care that your urine sample is not collected from the first urination of the day. It should be more like the third one. That apart, start collecting the urine a few seconds after you start passing it. These steps ensure that your will hand in cleaner urine as a sample to be tested
If you are not very sure that the above steps will ensure that you pass the test, you can start thinking of products for clean urine. Quite a few people hand in synthetic urine samples for testing. This works best when the test is unsupervised. Amongst the best known products is The Ultra Pure Unisex Synthetic Urine Kit. Its manufacturers back it up with a comprehensive guarantee.
However for supervised testing buying a detox product is far better. These detox products will cleanse your urine long enough for you to be able to pass the test. The best known of these products is Ultra Klean Detox drink, which keeps the toxins in the fat cells for up to 5 hours enabling you to hand in a clean urine sample.
Now that we know that it is possible to buy products for clean urine, we should desist from the habit of hyperventilating the next time we are faced with a drug test. Having said that, the way the drug testing regime is so all pervasive, one might as well as seriously consider not doing drugs at all. That would save us a lot of anxiety and take us out of the rigmarole of trying to discover newer ways of passing drug tests.
You could also try and detox naturally and permanently by giving up drugs, eating fiber rich food, drinking plenty of water and exercising. Once you have naturally expelled all toxins try to keep up the good work and stay away from intoxicants completely. This will be your best insurance against any drug test that may come your way. In the short run though products for clean urine are a great help.