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Permanent Detox Kits - Cleanse your urine, blood & saliva

Permanent Detox Programs

Because these programs are permanent cleansers they leave no remains of toxins after the program's end. These detox programs are extremely effective against Marijuana and any other type of toxins. This detox program contains daily packets of capsules, containing six capsules per packets per day, of the Supreme Klean cleansing capsules that you take daily with your meals. Also included is an herbal cleansing tea formulated to act as a powerful detoxifier, as extra insurance or as an extra boost for the capsules, just because everyone's body is different.

A diet menu suggesting how to plan your diet during the program in order to achieve the best possible results. You also get Creatine and Vitamin B capsules to restore your Creatine Specific Gravity and Ph. to normal levels(which all labs check for) All of our Total Body Cleanser packages come with 2 FREE single panel drug tests so you can test yourself and be sure that the program has worked and that your body is clean. SAVE MONEY AND ADD DETOX SHAMPOO TO CLEANSE YOUR HAIR AS WELL.

Every Detox Kit Comes Complete with..

Detox Capsules Vitamin B Complex Safe & Natural
Detox Tea 2x 1-Panel Drug Test 24/7 Expert Support
Creatine Capsules Detox Diet Guide Cleanses Permanently